As in any success story, the beginning was not easy. We started with just 7 employees in the ProFEEL family and a small factory. Beyond technical knowledge, as in any family, the members’ dedication was invaluable. And over time, commitment, experience, and advanced engineering knowledge have helped us continuously grow. Day after day, year after year.

There’s no secret, but a dedicated team – the ProFEEL family

 Overcoming all the economic and social challenges along the way. And the most significant achievement is the ProFEEL family. A team of professionals with the same core since the beginning but constantly growing. Just like the diversity of the products we offer. And so, we contribute to the development of the local community in Cluj – both through our contributions to the local economy and through the Romanian-made solutions we offer to the construction industry.


We design, manufacture, and deliver to you to the highest quality standards:

• Aluminium and PVC profiles with mesh
• Aluminium plaster profiles
• Galvanised steel profiles (helps you to finish the outside edges)
• Aluminium thermo system profiles (helps you support polystyrene and provides protection against rodents)

The mesh for the profiles comes from our production, made at the factory in Pascani.