With the DNA of innovators, ProFeel is among the pioneers in producing fiberglass profiles and mesh in Romania. We have always offered quality, flexibility, and openness to our partners’ requirements. Thus, we have quickly become a reliable distributor and partner of building material dealers. And over time, our partners have stayed close to us, year after year, because they appreciate the fairness and innovative way we do business.

A story built around an obsession with quality

From the beginning, we wanted, more than anything, to deliver quality. At the highest standard. So the decision to start production came naturally. We can strictly control our raw materials and production processes and be sure that our products are of the right quality. Both to help you and to stand the test of time.

Resistance and easy application

By knitting, the product we offer you has extremely high strength. The adhesive we use contains styrene-butadiene for extra stability. This makes the mesh much easier to apply to flat surfaces, and it resists very well in the thermosystem, even in alkaline environments.

Do you have a special requirement?

When you need it, we can produce significant quantities, even to your more special technical specifications.